Terms & Conditions

1) Strictly No Consumption of Alcohol, No smoking.

2) Hiking/Exploring is a passion, so one should not expect city like comforts for accommodation/Food, they have to adjust with whatever is being provided.

3) Adventure calls for uncertainties, Adventurers should always be prepared for any uncertainties, and should respect Organizer decision's in case of any change in stated itinerary.

4) Itinerary’s will always be tentative, Organizers has all the rights to change Itinerary anytime depending upon the circumstances.

5) Participants registering for Our Events should be matured enough to understand the meaning of Adventure and should posses enough Stamina, Fitness, and should have the ability to withstand any harsh Climatic condition, one has to carry his/her own belongings, and also the tents/food should be equally distributed among everyone which is carried for the whole group(Only for Specific Programs).

6) Treat Organizers with respect.

7) One should respect Nature, wildlife, and the local Tribes.

8) There should be leave no Trace Policy, one should never try to litter/harm nature in any aspects, for eg: Throwing Chocolate Wrappers/Water Bottles, Using Perfumes/Deodorants in forest, always believe in leaving the nature as she was without any impact of our existence and carry all the garbage back with you which you generate during the program.

9) One should respect other fellow adventurers in group, remember we are always in one group with whatever number we travel, never try to create regional/any other groups seeking your own individual comforts.

10) Transport vehicle is never under our control, so one should be matured enough to understand if any delay happens with the scheduled timing given and transport will be mainly in Non A/C tempo Traveler/Mini Bus depending on the group size.

11) Any Damaged caused for any Equipment's belonging to Tranquil Voyagers should be bared by the person who is a cause for it.

12) For any Refunds -Please check the cancellation policy.

13) Any sort of Misbehavior with Locals or group specially with Women will not be tolerated; Organizers are liable to take any sort of actions depending on the circumstances, even legal action can be initiated if the conduct is severe.

14) Participants Pick up/Drop will be at one particular point in Bangalore primarily Majestic as public transports are convenient to travel no matter which part of Bangalore you located in, one has to arrange his own transport to come/go back to their respective places.

15) Rest Rooms may/may not be available at camping places. 

16) There will be only one drop/pick up point which will be shared in Email before any particular event.

17) Costs will be derived based on the Group Size, if unfortunately the minimum size is not met, the extra costs to be shared among other group people, or else we have to postpone the event to refill the size.

18) Participants registering for any events Organized by Tranquil Voyagers are aware that trekking can be dangerous and that one take part at his own risk. one accepts that the decision to take part is his/her responsibility. In the event of any injury to him/her or others, no responsibility or liability will be accepted by the organizers. I agree to abide by the rules of the trekking.